Japan Office Skills

New employees: Things to know Japanese company culture

For those who have received naitei(内定), April is the time to start work. In order to be confident when starting out in a new workplace, We would like to send you an article to read about things to prepare and pay attention before going to work at the company. I. Working is not just “Stay at the company” 3 things

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How to read Japanese Salary Statement (給与明細読み方)

給与明細書(きゅうよめいさいしょ) (detailed salary list), besides the amount transferred to the bank account of the month, there are many other items? Can you read all that content? Or do you ever wonder how much the company salary is 20 man, how much do you actually receive and how much is deducted? Category 1. 勤怠(きんたい) (number of days, working hours) 2. 支給

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New Specified Skills Visa (Tokutei ginou Visa)

Why New Specified Skills Visa 特定 技能(Tokusei ginou) is made From April 2019, Japan will add a new type of resident status for foreigners called 「特定 技能」 (と く て い ぎ の う, temporary translation: special skills). With the new type of special skill visa (特定 技能), foreign workers will be officially allowed to work in industries that was

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