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日本語 English
年収 300万円〜600万円 Year income From3ー6milions yen
言語 日本語 会話レベル Languages Japanese 日常会話
在外 OK overseas OK
仕事の内容 ・システム開発部門インフラ設計からサイト運用まで全てのフェーズ。
Job content System development department All phases from infrastructure design to site operation.
In addition to the construction of large-scale projects, the development of its own service “smile survey”.
・ Creative department website design and UI design of a business system, design from design of smartphone application.
[Specific work content]
■ Programming
・ Development is carried out in coordination with the unit examination [development environment] director and SE.
Infrastructure has adopted the cloud such as Amazon EC2.
■ Development language: PHP
■ Framework: FuelPHP
■ OS: Linux
■ Infrastructure: AWS and others [in-house atmosphere]
■ It is possible to freely go back and forth between the two offices in Yokohama and Shibuya depending on the mood of the day.
必須スキル ■フレームワークを使ったwebアプリ開発の経験
Must have skill ■ Experience of web application development using framework
■ Experience in designing and developing web applications using PHP
歓迎スキル ■FuelPHPの知識・経験
■プログラムを書く 事が好きな方
■ FuelPHP knowledge and experience
■ JavaScript knowledge and experience
■ Development experience in a LAMP environment
■ Smartphone application development experience
■ server construction■ Those with aspiration
■ Those who like writing programs
■ If you like to create something
■ The person who can work on work with responsibility
■ Those who want to improve skills and new technologies
選考フロー 2回 Interview Process  Twice
勤務地 東京 Work location ■ Programming
勤務時間 10:00 ~ 19:00 Work time 10:00 ~ 19:00
Holiday, welfare
Two-day holidays (Saturday, Sunday), public holidays, New Year holidays, Keio holidays, annual paid holidays (given after trial period)
Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, work accident insurance, commuting traffic allowance
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