Web Aplication Developer – Senior level – in Tokyo – Japanese business level 230 views3 applications

年収 450万円〜900万円 Year income From 4.5ー9 million yen
言語 日本語 ビジネス Languages Japanese business
在外 NG Over Sea NG
仕事の内容 AppStoreおよびGoogle Play向け、またはenzaプラットフォーム向け内製ゲームアプリの開発、
仕様決め等のゲームの運営をメインに 開発まで一貫してご担当していただきます。
スクラム開発中心のチームが多い為、ご経験次第では スクラムマスターもお任せします。
Job content You will be responsible for developing and operating in-house game apps for AppStore and Google Play, or for the enza platform.
You will be responsible for the management of the game, such as planning from an engineer’s point of view, specification determination, etc., and consistent with development.
As there are many teams focused on scrum development, we will leave scrum masters depending on your experience.
Game application operation work / development / tuning business technology selection such as problem solution, team management
必須スキル Linux 境でのWebアプリケーションの開発経験(言語不問/業界)
言語:Ruby, Elixir
フレームワーク:Ruby on Rails, PhoenixWeb
LKVS:Redis, Memcached
バージョン管理:GitHub, GitLab
Must have skill Development experience of web application in Linux eviroment (language unquestioned / industry)
(Example: Experience with Ruby / Java / Python / Perl / PHP etc.)
Environment] Language: Ruby, Elixir
framework: Ruby on Rails, Phoenix
Web front end: React
database: MySQ
LKVS: Redis, Memcached
version control: GitHub, GitLab
歓迎スキル ■向上心のある方
■プログラムを書く 事が好きな方
・ Creative department website design and UI design of business system, design from design of smartphone application.
選考フロー 書類選考→一次面接(人事)→二次面接(エンジニア、Mgr)→最終面接(CEO) Interview Process [Specific work content]
勤務地 東京 Work location ■ Programming
勤務時間 9:30~18:30 Work time 9:30~18:30
Holiday, welfare
Two-day holidays (Saturday, Sunday), public holidays, New Year holidays, Keio holidays, annual paid holidays (given after trial period)
Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, work accident insurance, commuting traffic allowance
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